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  • invoice
    Invoice Processing
  • buy-for-change
    Payment Processing
  • Report Management System
  • paper-plane
    Digital Document Management
  • automatic
    Business Process Automation
  • artificial-intelligence
    Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • client-management
    Client Relation Management (CRM)
  • task-planning
    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • running-rabbit
    Business Intelligence and data analytics
  • work-in-bed
    Remote Team Management
  • big-data
    Project management software

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Successful companies begin with the right people. Meet those who motivate our team, respond to challenges and allow us to innovate and grow.

Holger Prang
General Manager

Holger Prang is an engineering professional with expertise in media technology and city sciences. He has worked at prestigious institutions like the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, the Berlin Institute of Technology and the City Science Lab, Hamburg. Currently, he is a researcher at the HafenCity University in Hamburg, where he collaborates with the City Science Group from MIT Media Lab on joint research projects. Holger is an expert in Urban Data and Digital Twins, with diverse research interests in data analytics and decision making tools. He is also a dedicated educator and mentor, fostering an inclusive work environment and promoting innovation and collaboration.

Sasha Palchenko

Sasha's experience in the tech industry began in 2007 as a commercial Java developer. Later on, he honed his skills and eventually transitioned into project management. With an MA in both Applied Mathematics and Administration Management, Sasha had all the qualifications needed to be a successful team leader.

Jochen Madel
Head of Sales

Jochen is a highly motivated and empathetic sales leader with deep technical expertise. Thanks to his extensive experience in global sales of innovative products and his pragmatism, he achieves success through hands-on approaches. He is an exceptional coach, capable of quickly building, motivating, and guiding teams towards goals. His knowledge of the US market and adherence to compliance rules makes him an excellent company representative who can represent the firm worldwide.

Frank Anderssohn

Frank started his IT career as Flash/Web developer in 2000 at 18 y.o. while studying Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany (graduated with a German Dipl.-Ing.).

Today Frank is responsible for customer relations, business growth, and operations.

Constantin Schmidt-Thomé
Shareholder & Advisor

Constantin graduated in International Business and Entrepreneurship in London and has already founded several companies in different industries and countries.

His aim in all these companies was always the digitalization and automation of all steps in the value chain. His professional experience spans venture building, engineering, asset management, real estate development and marketing.

Leonid Sobolievskyi
Head of Engineering

Leonid is a senior full stack developer with 18 years of experience. Skilled in reviving legacy code and development from scratch. Significant experience with leading small teams, business analysis and requirement definitions. Experienced in setting up development processes, various environments, CI/CD and monitoring tools.

Mike Stefanskiy
Sr. Full Stack Software Engineer

Mike have 10 successful years in professional Full Stack Software development.

Petro Iaresko
Senior Flutter developer

More than 20 years in professional Software development. Responsible, creative,strong analytical and logical thinking.

Anna Gribovskaia
UX/UI Designer

Anna UX/UI and web-designer. Her aim is to make interfaces minimalistic, creative and intuitive.